About NURI

NURI is the future.
This is true for us in several ways. This shop exists because our daughter Nuria was born half a year ago. Thanks to her, we spent an eventful year in Berlin. Back in Munich, we developed the desire to bring the smartphone necklaces into the world.

Handbag is yesterday. NURI is tomorrow.
More than ever before, I noticed through Nuria how impractical cell phones are in large handbags when it comes to taking a picture or sending a message. The special moment is usually gone or hands busy with other things, until you've rummaged the phone out of his pocket.
You probably know that too - with or without offspring. With NURI that changes - from "tomorrow" you have your mobile always at hand when you need it. And just as fast you have your hands free again for the really important things.

Genuine leather + gold-plated metal + your smartphone = NURI

We did not invent the trend - but NURI is THE alternative of high quality and noble material. Genuine leather and gilded metal are handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail and become your new companion in daily life.