Handykette Leder "Golden Cognac"
Handykette Leder "Golden Cognac"
Handykette Leder "Golden Cognac" - NURI
Handykette - Handykette Leder "Golden Cognac"
Handykette - Handykette Leder "Golden Cognac"
Handykette - Handykette Leder "Golden Cognac"
Handykette - Handykette Leder "Golden Cognac"

Leather smartphone necklace - Golden Cognac

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GOLDEN COGNAC, hereby we have finally introduced the necklace that you have asked for for such a ling time!  that has long been desired by you.
This smartphone necklace brings timeless elegance to your look. It is the perfect companion that puts your smartphone in the limelight. The braided collar made of genuine cognac-colored leather refines not only white and bright tops or dresses. This premium accessory with golden metal transforms a trend into timeless elegance and promises you a stylish appearance. The lightweight collar is soft and comfortable to wear thanks to its braided structure.
The smartphone necklace can be adjusted in any length by means of the robust sailing knot. You can wear the smartphone as a crossbody bag, like a handbag or a necklace in front of your chest.
NURI smartphone necklaces are made by hand with the utmost care and attention. So we make sure that only the most beautiful necklaces arrive and you enjoy it for a long time!
Each smartphone necklace is made individually and is unique.
Premium smartphone necklace:
Approximately 1,70m long braided leather cord made of high quality cowhide (about 5 mm in diameter)
Easily adjustable in length between 90cm and 160cm through a special knot. So you can wear your phone as a necklace or crossbody.
Gold colored carabiners, pineapple pendants and end caps.
Gold-colored NURI pendant.
Colorless and transparent TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
Gold colored rings for the suspension of the smartphone necklace
Protects against scratches and bumps
Please note:

Although the case protects your smartphone, it does not offer 100% protection from damages. We take on no responsibility for damage or loss of the smartphone. There may be scratches from the ring holder on the case or the metallic parts on the chain. Please use the product with great care and at your own risk.